55 Strand


Aviva appointed JWD to design the new entrance, reception and some common parts during the refurbishment of this early 1930s building.

JWD has created a smart, contemporary scheme, which suggests the elegance of the 20s and 30s without resorting to pastiche. A sophisticated palette of materials; black glass, polished chrome, grey leather and white-reconstituted stone create a crisp interior. This is softened and warmed by a natural limestone floor in Ataije Azul, amber-coloured details and the curvaceous forms of the Bibendum chair by Eileen Gray, which are echoed in the desk.

The available reception size was limited, but reflections in the folded black glass wall effectively double the sense of space internally and solve a complex entrance arrangement. The new front has fine black frames set apart from the old stone opening to define the separation of old and new. Valuable space is reserved for the interior by creating a slim recess at the entrance allowing visitors to step out of the pavement traffic whilst opening the door.

Completed 2012